Information Tourist Centre Attendant

The Vankleek Hill Tourist Info Centre is open for the summer at a new location in the centre of the village and staff are ready to answer any and all questions pertaining to local activities and events. The Tourism Info Centre is now at 84-A Main Street East in Vankleek Hill – at the front of the historic Windsor Hotel. A sandwich-board sign with a large question mark is on the sidewalk at the centre’s entrance. A place to learn about the village, with a staff which will answer any questions, the office provides visitors with all the necessary information required.

Opening Hours

  • Sunday 11 – 4
  • Monday 11 – 4
  • Tuesday 11 – 4
  • Wednesday 11 – 4
  • Thursday 11 – 4
  • Friday 11 – 6
  • Saturday 9 – 5
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